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Feegle Keyboard

More Information https://www.40percent.club/2020/10/feegle.html


Feegle keyboard. 12x4 matrix.

TMK Firmware https://git.40percent.club/di0ib/tmk_keyboard/src/branch/master/keyboard/feegle

Bootloader same as Aardvark https://git.40percent.club/di0ib/Misc/src/branch/master/aardvark/bootloader

Flashing bootloader with Arduino Uno https://www.40percent.club/p/arduino-isp-bootloader-flash.html

More info about V-USB https://www.40percent.club/2020/08/the-aardvark.html

Pre-trimming before soldering https://www.40percent.club/p/pre-trimming-components.html

Top Feegle PCB Top

Gerber: Feegle_Top.zip

PCB Thickness: 1mm

Bottom (other side is blank)

Feegle PCB Bottom

Gerber: Feegle_Bottom.zip

PCB Thickness: 1mm


Feegle PCB

Gerber: Feegle_PCB.zip

PCB Thickness: 1.6mm

Gerber files released under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


col: B0  B1  B2  C0  C1  C2  C3  C4  C5  D0  D1  B4
row: D6  D5  D3  B3


1   ATmega328p or ATmega328 28pin DIP
1   16MHz subminiature crystal ECS-160-20-46X
2   20pf capacitors 0.1" lead spacing, 4mm max height SR151A200JAR
1   1uf capacitor 0.1" lead spacing, 4mm max height AR155C104K4R
2   68ohm resistors. Smaller 1/8 or 1/10 watt
1   1.5Kohm resistor. Smaller 1/8 or 1/10 watt
1   10Kohm resistor. Smaller 1/8 or 1/10 watt
2   6x6mm tactile switches 5mm height, for boot and reset
48  6x6mm tactile switches 6-7mm height
1   PTC Fuse RXEF010
1   10uf capacitor 4mm diameter RNU1A100MDS1
1   Mini USB connector with 2 mounting lugs. 2 lugs can be trimmed off 4 lug versions.
2   T1 3mm Blue/White/Green/UV 3-3.3Vfd LEDs. Not all Green LEDs are 3V. Most Blue/White/UV are.
6   4mm M2 brass spacers
6   4mm M3 aluminum unthreaded spacers (optional) Harwin R30-6200414, Lyntron 6mm diameter AA5005-30-04.0-00
6   3mm M2 screws for top
6   5mm M2 screws for bottom
6   Steel or Brass 0.3mm thick washers, 0.5mm red fiber washers, 1mm nylon washers
1   ISP programmer for initial bootloader flashing.

How to order your own PCBs