Kiibohd Controller
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The Kiibohd Controller

This is the main Kiibohd Firmware. In general, this should be the only git repo you need to clone. The KLL git repo is automatically cloned during the build process.

Please refer to the KLL repo or for details on the KLL (Keyboard Layout Language) Spec.

Travis Status Appveyor Status

Visit our IRC channel

Official Keyboards

  • Infinity 60%
  • Infinity 60% LED
  • Infinity Ergodox
  • WhiteFox
  • K-Type (coming soon)

The Kiibohd firmware supports a lot of other keyboards, but these are more obscure/custom/lesser known.


Compilation is possible and tested on Windows/Linux/Mac. Linux is the easiest using this VM.

For most people refer here.

For the full compilation details, please refer to the wiki.

Supported Microcontrollers

  • Teensy 2.0 (Partial)
  • Teensy 2.0++
  • Teensy 3.0
  • Teensy 3.1/3.2
  • mk20dx128vlf5
  • mk20dx256vlh7

Adding support for more microcontrollers is possible. Some considerations for minimum specs:

  • ~8 kB of SRAM
  • ~25 kB of Flash

It’s possible to port chips with lower specs, but will be more effort and have fewer features.


Contributions welcome!

  • Bug reports
  • Documentation and Wiki editing
  • Patches (including new features)


Licensing is done on a per-file basis. Some of the source code is from PJRC/Teensy, other source code is from the McHck Project. Code written specifically for the Kiibohd Controller use the following licenses:

  • MIT
  • GPLv3
  • Public Domain


If you really need to get a hold of HaaTa, email is best: [email protected]