41 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tmk a88ad58342 core: Swap position of PEQL and PENT in unimap 6 years ago
  tmk 51326077b0 usb_usb: Restore LED state when plugging keyboard 6 years ago
  tmk 659ae2375e usb_usb: Revert name of keymap macro 6 years ago
  tmk e957c1c6f1 usb_usb: Orgnize keymap files 6 years ago
  tmk 144a048393 usb_usb: Change keymap 6 years ago
  tmk d46651b1a9 usb_usb: Fix unimap layout 6 years ago
  tmk fef48a3da5 usb_usb: Add unimap 6 years ago
  tmk 7b31d1b9d9 Remove keymap read code from project directories 6 years ago
  tmk c04b6bec89 Fix: Use action_t in keymap files 6 years ago
  tmk 148c6a5175 usb_usb: Add multiple keyboard support 6 years ago
  tmk 5611f94fb1 usb_usb: Change matrix size 32x8 to 16x16 6 years ago
  tmk 6382a9b5f4 usb_usb: Fix for keymap editor 6 years ago
  tmk 2f3f17dba2 usb_usb: Fix JIS keymap 6 years ago
  tmk 706b277646 usb_usb: Add keymap of iso and of jis 6 years ago
  tmk 6f5e8ce17e usb_usb: Support locking key indicator LED 7 years ago
  tmk 9a7eeb4918 usb_usb: Fix keymap 7 years ago
  tmk b8fba54a20 usb_usb: Change debug LED pin config 7 years ago
  tmk 6057e915b5 usb_usb: Fix initialize procedure 7 years ago
  tmk 7860d09914 Change TMK_DIR setting 7 years ago
  tmk b4e2d325f3 Change TOP_DIR to TMK_DIR in makefiles 7 years ago
  Jun Wako 2e17aa2d60 usb_usb: update README 7 years ago
  Jun Wako a0d6bb1818 usb_usb: Add SpaceFn and hasu keymap 7 years ago
  Jun Wako 30864ea5e4 Update README 7 years ago
  Jun Wako 27795b6b19 Change debug print config 7 years ago
  Jun Wako c9674d388d Add USB Hub support 7 years ago
  Jun Wako 0a9d9b8f9c Fix print init; print_set_sendchar in main 7 years ago
  Jun Wako 9de992ba0b Change USB PID 7 years ago
  Jun Wako f6f698dda0 usb_usb: Update for new core layout 7 years ago
  tmk ea524d7bef Adhoc fix compile error of usb_usb 8 years ago
  Scott Jaderholm a59dea558e usb_usb: Remove mention of downloading LUFA 8 years ago
  Scott Jaderholm c35e3e8596 usb_usb: Remove mention of merged usb_hid branch 8 years ago
  Thomas Russell Murphy 3ee5f565ae Spellchecking converter README files. 8 years ago
  tmk 353a9b56e6 Fix BOOTLOADER_SIZE setting 9 years ago
  tmk 8a81986191 Fix keymap to adjust new keyboard.c. 10 years ago
  tmk ce2e06c394 Fix projects for new keycodes 10 years ago
  tmk c845fd078c changes function name keyboard_proc to keyboard_task 10 years ago
  tmk f1a64fc959 converter/usb_usb: Change keymap. 10 years ago
  tmk 2a5ce5ef70 Add converter/usb_usb/README 10 years ago
  tmk 232ab308e3 usb_hid: workaround for compile on Windows. 10 years ago
  tmk e7c030375a Add USB to USB converter. unmature. 10 years ago