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  di0ib 821f2538b1
Create Makefile 1 year ago
  di0ib 5f2c420c16
Add files via upload 2 years ago
  di0ib b362afb90c i75, cleanup keymaps 4 years ago
  tmk 7b31d1b9d9 Remove keymap read code from project directories 4 years ago
  tmk 7860d09914 Change TMK_DIR setting 5 years ago
  tmk b4e2d325f3 Change TOP_DIR to TMK_DIR in makefiles 5 years ago
  tmk 4e36159be2 Add HHKB keymap file on gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 4e7ec43c3f Add SpaceFN layout to gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 22e293696d Add new keymap management on gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 353a9b56e6 Fix BOOTLOADER_SIZE setting 7 years ago
  tmk f57a44261e Fix Makefile of gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 9a3edb897a Fix Makefile and config.h of gh60 for new options 7 years ago
  tmk 1687041267 Add COMMAND_ENABLE build option 7 years ago
  tmk f0c5f1b910 Add breathing sleep LED during USB suspend 7 years ago
  tmk ef8439bddb Add build option BOOTMAGIC_ENABLE 7 years ago
  tmk db024b6b18 Add --relax for size optimization to gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 51050875b7 Add BOOTLOADER_SIZE and remove BOOT_SIZE 7 years ago
  tmk 1385058fc2 Fix gh60/matrix.c and Makefile 7 years ago
  tmk abf0b04d14 Apply new keymap for gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 0142b571c4 Add keymaps of gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 0c1d98bd3c Add poker keymap with layer stacking 7 years ago
  tmk 0c52ee59f0 Add transparent layer feature in gh60 7 years ago
  tmk 67c64db1cc Add README and keymap layers.(GH60) 8 years ago
  tmk c009f4643c Added Initial files for gh60. 8 years ago
  tmk ce4857e021 Fix and keymap of hid_liber from alaricljs at geekhack.org. 8 years ago
  tmk 878daae9c3 Rename to hid_liber. 8 years ago
  tmk c5057c28b1 Add initial files for hid_libre. 8 years ago
  tmk 93e33fb8f6 Fix: Makefile 8 years ago
  tmk 2c5d3ac76f Add Makefile.lufa to keyboard/hhkb and hbkb. 8 years ago
  tmk f427529a30 Fix bootloader.c 8 years ago
  tmk f2ebac101d Add conditional compile for MOUSE_ENABLE and EXTRAKEY_ENABLE. 8 years ago
  tmk cc68adeb57 Add protocol/lufa. LUFA supported now. 8 years ago
  tmk 3d81d5221e Add consumer/system control feature to LUFA. 8 years ago
  tmk a9a3610dd4 Add LUFA mouse feature and fix mouse report. 8 years ago
  tmk effa5914bf clean descriptor setting. Remove keyboard OUT Endpoint. 8 years ago
  tmk 3969ec09b4 Add sendchar with Generic HID to support debug print. 8 years ago
  tmk dd93d2915f initial attempt for LUFA. 8 years ago