Keyboard firmwares for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M
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mf68 keyboard firmware

mf68 1.0 Assembled

mf68 keyboard. 9x8 matrix. mf68 1.0 PCB Front mf68 1.0 PCB Bottom

Replacement PCB for Magicforce 68. Arduino Pro Micro controller.


col: D3  D2  D1  D0  D4  C6  D7  E6  B4
row: B6  B2  B3  B1  F7  F6  F5  F4

Mosfet on B5 to control backlight.

6x6mm pushbutton connected between ground and reset pin.


1   Pro Micro
2   12pin SIP headers (usually comes with chinese Pro Micros)
1   Micro USB cable to cut up to make a pigtail
68  1n4148 diodes
1   6x6mm square tactile switch

Needed if you want LEDs

68-70   LEDs (68 in switches and 2 additional under spacebar)
68-70   Resistors for LEDs. Use online LED caculator to choose value
1   100ohm resistor (R71)
1   100Kilo ohm resistor (R72)

Recycled from original keyboard

1   Original Plate/Case
68  Switches
1   Set of keycaps
1   Set of stabilizers
1   Mini USB cable

If making custom sandwich style case

mini USB connector
Molex part 54819-0519