Keyboard firmwares for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M
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di0ib 8b519690ad Update 7 vuotta sitten
pcb Update 7 vuotta sitten
Makefile gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
actionmap_common.h gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
actionmap_gherkin.c gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
backlight.c gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
config.h gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
gherkin.jpg images 7 vuotta sitten
led.c gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
matrix.c gherkin 7 vuotta sitten
pcb-bottom.png images 7 vuotta sitten
pcb-top.png images 7 vuotta sitten Update 7 vuotta sitten

gherkin keyboard firmware

gherkin 1.0 Assembled

gherkin keyboard. 6x5 matrix. gherkin 1.0 PCB Front gherkin 1.0 PCB Bottom


col: D0, D4, C6, D7, E6, B4
row: B6, B2, B3, B1, F7

Mosfet on B5 to control backlight.


1   Pro Micro
2   12pin SIP headers, or 1 24 pin machined pin DIP socket
30  1n4148 diodes, save the cut off leads for use with machined pin socket
30  switches

Needed if you want LEDs

30  LEDs
30  Resistors for LEDs. Use online LED caculator to choose value
1   FDS6630A or DMN3018SSS-13 SOIC FET
1   100ohm resistor
1   100Kilo ohm resistor

How to order your own PCBs