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PS/2 to USB keyboard converter
XT to USB keyboard converter
This firmware converts PS/2 keyboard protocol to USB.(It supports Scan Code Set 2.)
This firmware converts XT keyboard protocol to USB.(It supports Scan Code Set 1.)

Connect Wires
@@ -10,8 +10,6 @@ In case of Teensy2.0(ATMega32U4):
1. Connect **Vcc** and **GND**.
2. Connect **Clock** and **Data** line.
- **Interrupt**: **Clock** is on `PD1` and **Data** on `PD0`.(Recommended. Soarer's converter compatible)
- **Busywait**: **Clock** is on `PD1` and **Data** on `PD0`.
- **USART**: **Clock** is on `PD5` and **Data** on `PD2`.
3. Optionally you need pull-up resistor. 1K-10K Ohm is OK.

To change pin configuration edit **config.h** and **Makefile**.
@@ -29,56 +27,10 @@ To select keymap:
$ make clean
$ make KEYMAP=[plain|jis|spacefn|...]

After that you will find HEX file `ps2_usb_lufa.hex` in current directory.

- For **TMK converter Rev.1** use `make -f Makefile.tmk_rev1` instead of `make` and HEX file is `ps2_usb_tmk_rev1.hex`.

- For **TMK converter Rev.2** use `make -f Makefile.tmk_rev2` instead of `make` and HEX file is `ps2_usb_tmk_rev2.hex`.
After that you will find HEX file `xt_usb_lufa.hex` in current directory.

Several version of keymap are available in advance but you are recommended to define your favorite layout yourself. To define your own keymap create file named `keymap_<name>.c` and see keymap document(you can find in of top directory) and existent keymap files.

PS/2 signal handling implementations
Following three methods can be used to implement PS/2 signal handling.

### Simple and stupid busy-wait(ps2_busywait.c)
This is expected to implemented with portable C code for reference.
### Interrupt driven(ps2_interrupt.c)
Uses pin interrupt to detect falling edge of clock line.
### USART hardware module(ps2_usart.c)
Uses AVR USART engine to receive PS/2 signal.

To select method edit Makefile.

V-USB Support
With V-USB you can use this converter on ATmega(168/328) but it doesn't support NKRO at this time.


+---+ +---------------+
USB GND | | ATmega168 |
=== C3 | |
5V <-------+--------+---|Vcc,AVCC | PS/2
R1 | | ====
D- <----+--+-----R2-----|INT1 RXD|------->DATA
D+ <----|---+----R3-----|INT0 XCK|------->CLOCK
Z1 Z2 | | ->5V
GND<----+---+--+--+-----|GND | ->GND
| | | |
| C2-+--|XTAL1 |
| X1 | |
+--C3-+--|XTAL2 |
R1: 1.5K Ohm
R2,R3: 68 Ohm
Z1,Z2: Zenner 3.6V
C1,C2: 22pF
C3: 0.1uF
X1: Crystal 20MHz(16MHz/12MHz)