KLL Compiler
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kll - keyboard layout language

KLL Compiler

Most current version of the KLL Spec. Or visit kiibohd.com

Uses funcparserlib


General Usage

kll.py <kll files>

Kiibohd Controller Usage

kll.py <basemap kll files> --default <default layer kll files> --partial <partial layer 1 kll files> --partial <partial layer 2 kll files> --backend kiibohd --templates templates/kiibohdKeymap.h templates/kiibohdDefs.h --outputs generatedKeymap.h kll_defs.h

See kll.py --help for the most up to date documentation


Completely welcome :D

Spec Additions/Fixes

Contact HaaTa via IRC (#[email protected] or #deskthority). Or by email -> [email protected]