1060 Commits (449b31c18baaa4d051612dd5d3e6e379fc736016)

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  tmk 449b31c18b mbed build workaround for #212 7 years ago
  tmk 1d9c939f38 core: Fix chibios user compile options 7 years ago
  tmk a3f29c973d Merge branch 'chibios' of https://github.com/flabbergast/tmk_keyboard into flabbergast_chibios 7 years ago
  tmk 6360eb308c core: Fix ps2_mouse.c debug print 7 years ago
  obones 5a9953b46c Removed duplicate debug message code and surrounded it with IFDEF as needed 7 years ago
  tmk 524c7d133c Merge commit '657d9f23fe47fb88cf221adb23095082f191ba6a' 7 years ago
  tmk 657d9f23fe Squashed 'tmk_core/' changes from 97c7ed4..ee8c5ba 7 years ago
  flabbergast 803b65ea43 Chibios: Revert common.mk change (fix AVR linking problem). 7 years ago
  tmk 83a3de38b7 Merge commit '5a0132f1c1c9a14fd2941f0a5e29bbf5e31da20c' into master-core-pull 7 years ago
  tmk 5a0132f1c1 Squashed 'tmk_core/' changes from 08ce4c3..97c7ed4 7 years ago
  flabbergast fa52d8ba74 Chibios: cleanup usb_main code. 7 years ago
  flabbergast fdf808ee24 Chibios: Fix a HardFault bug (wait after start). 7 years ago
  tmk b47a88f4a5 Merge commit '28203e909e83b1ac6becb45a3eadae23b190df32' into master-core-pull 7 years ago
  tmk 28203e909e Squashed 'tmk_core/' changes from 57d27a8..08ce4c3 7 years ago
  tmk 5b8e4ca2c4 Change README for chibios 7 years ago
  tmk 72b1668340 Merge remote-tracking branch 'flabbergast-tmk_keyboard/chibios' 7 years ago
  tmk 99732d5acd ibm4704_usb: Fix README.md 7 years ago
  tmk 3730666b97 ibm4704_usb: Add Makefiles for TMK Converter 7 years ago
  tmk 5c89d73755 core: Remove unused warning. Fix tmk_keyboard/#293 7 years ago
  tmk e76c8cafea Merge pull request #299 from kairyu/speed-up-compilation 7 years ago
  flabbergast 72c52d30c8 Chibios: add more guards for transmitting (fix a deadlock bug). 7 years ago
  Kai Ryu 42d5d64306 core: Speed up compilation 7 years ago
  flabbergast b1b30f1675 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into chibios 7 years ago
  tmk fb1fb122a5 Merge pull request #230 from jerryen/master 7 years ago
  tmk 5b820b9db8 core: Add note about sudo and git 7 years ago
  flabbergast 5ef7d89406 Chibios: Update to new USB API. 7 years ago
  flabbergast ffbaeb7986 Merge branch 'master' into chibios 7 years ago
  tmk 7694eb62ac core: Fix variable initialize 7 years ago
  tmk 325a99acd9 core: Fix variable init and header include 7 years ago
  tmk b9edbb32e9 Merge pull request #292 from obones/command_warning 7 years ago
  tmk cfcf5b2734 Merge pull request #294 from shayneholmes/fix-debug-message 7 years ago
  tmk c36828e25e Merge pull request #295 from doopai/master 7 years ago
  tmk 8ccbbde881 core: Add macro commands SM(), RM() and CM() 7 years ago
  Adrian L Lange 5a196b6444 Add support for storing, restoring and clearing modifiers in macros 7 years ago
  tmk 6baca549b9 core: Add dfu-programmer example to doc/build.md 7 years ago
  tmk 0851cf926f core: Fix doc/build.md 7 years ago
  tmk 5611f94fb1 usb_usb: Change matrix size 32x8 to 16x16 7 years ago
  duanhongyi c74eee6327 remove SERIAL_SOFT_DEBUG macro 7 years ago
  Shayne Holmes 2a55b1d805 Fix typo in bootmagic debug message 7 years ago
  tmk 47425d910b Merge branch 'usb_usb_editor' 7 years ago
  tmk 6382a9b5f4 usb_usb: Fix for keymap editor 7 years ago
  tmk c5d98f5c6f hhkb: Add note about RN42 7 years ago
  tmk 467602749d Fix fn_actions for keymap editor 7 years ago
  tmk 7d621aca7b m0110_usb: Add LED flash on startup 7 years ago
  tmk c219570e54 adb_usb: Add LED flash on startup 7 years ago
  tmk 310a39dd76 adb_usb: Change keycode PEQL to EQL(Fix #238) 7 years ago
  obones 66b6df0068 host_driver is only used if KEYBOARD_LOCK_ENABLE is defined 7 years ago
  flabbergast 58867094c4 Chibios: add 'core/protocol' to the makefiles' search path. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 1d6c6609e0 Chibios: Tsy LC is cortex-m0plus. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 0998a9930d Chibios: update Teensy 3.x instructions. 7 years ago