1 Commits (db5137e2c72413d8dd76379e1432bdb0596f2c74)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  di0ib 21d8a47e4d foobar rgb underglow 6 years ago
  tmk 1ac674db66 Fix PS/2 protocol build options 11 years ago
  tmk afb0846208 Made directories for keyboard and converter projects. 12 years ago
  tmk fb8d23c60c integrate V-USB support into ps2_usb 13 years ago
  tmk 47f5d8b545 Synchronous USART support for PS/2 on V-USB stack 13 years ago
  tmk 04f351b802 PS/2 library receives data partially by interrupt 13 years ago
  tmk 0632618d29 added initial support of mousekeys to ps2_vusb 13 years ago
  tmk 4f5f1a53d4 added PS/2 to USB converter use V-USB as protocol stack 13 years ago