1 Commits (db5137e2c72413d8dd76379e1432bdb0596f2c74)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  di0ib eecfb98bf2
5x5 6 years ago
  di0ib b362afb90c i75, cleanup keymaps 7 years ago
  tmk 2721022078 Add mechanical locking switch support for NumLock and ScrollLock 11 years ago
  tmk 10f33a3e48 Remove ACT_KEYMAP and ACT_OVERLAY 11 years ago
  tmk 353a9b56e6 Fix BOOTLOADER_SIZE setting 11 years ago
  tmk b2a19328ad Changed Makefile and config.h for new options 11 years ago
  tmk 9a3edb897a Fix Makefile and config.h of gh60 for new options 11 years ago
  tmk dbcac865b9 Add NO_ACTION_KEYMAP config option 11 years ago
  tmk ecb7550a91 Add NO_ACTION_FUNCTION config option 11 years ago
  tmk 9757f960f9 Add NO_ACTION_TAPPING and NO_ACTION_MACRO config options 11 years ago
  tmk b057511f45 Add NO_ACTION_OVERLAY config option 11 years ago
  tmk 9a106537f6 Add NO_PRINT and NO_DEBUG config options. 11 years ago
  tmk c4ab832be0 Fix Locking CapsLock support in ADB converter 11 years ago
  tmk 92b92dd78f Add mechanical locking switch support for CapsLock 11 years ago
  tmk 1d5bbb55f2 Fix legacy keymap support 11 years ago
  tmk 51050875b7 Add BOOTLOADER_SIZE and remove BOOT_SIZE 11 years ago
  tmk 359b68d35f Add eeconfig.c - eeprom stored paramerters 11 years ago
  tmk abf0b04d14 Apply new keymap for gh60 11 years ago
  tmk b60f9c6ac6 Boot Magic key for gh60 11 years ago
  tmk c009f4643c Added Initial files for gh60. 11 years ago
  tmk 3f47bcbcae Fix target name and product id of pahntom. 11 years ago
  tmk 613fdb24fc Add initial files for Phantom from Tranquilite@GH. 11 years ago
  tmk ce4857e021 Fix and keymap of hid_liber from alaricljs at geekhack.org. 11 years ago
  tmk 1a4ae0fc36 Fix copyright and license notices. 11 years ago
  tmk 878daae9c3 Rename to hid_liber. 11 years ago
  tmk c5057c28b1 Add initial files for hid_libre. 11 years ago
  tmk ce2e06c394 Fix projects for new keycodes 11 years ago
  tmk 2c5d3ac76f Add Makefile.lufa to keyboard/hhkb and hbkb. 12 years ago
  tmk 81706d1130 Moved protocol files; news and x68k. 12 years ago
  tmk afb0846208 Made directories for keyboard and converter projects. 12 years ago
  tmk f4bff66e91 Added Happy Buckling Keyboard. 12 years ago
  tmk 6284b147c2 add debouncing into macway/matrix.c. 12 years ago
  tmk e67c988824 Added Bulegiga iWRAP support into HHKB.(Bluetooth) 12 years ago
  tmk 0dde25e81c added copyright and license notice. 13 years ago
  tmk 60052acc0f fixed macway to comply new API. 13 years ago
  tmk fd49c69d1a added config option: MATRIX_HAS_GHOST and fixed some on matrix.c 13 years ago
  tmk 6b0c939d72 add a build option: USB_EXTRA_ENABLE 13 years ago
  tmk 2a562a4191 Add PS/2 mouse support to connect TrackPoint Unit. 13 years ago