1377 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kai Ryu 6311bb7726 redscarfIII: Renew preset default keymap 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 76983c2312 redscarfIII: Update codes to match new softpwm led api 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu a66936bf2a kimera: Improve method to checkout i2c timeout 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 24483be2f7 kimera: Improve some debug messages 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu c9b71e25fb kimera: Some minor fixes for RGB LED 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu e7d4a1c2e6 kimera: Change default row/col/matrix mapping 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 1f6f5ef776 kimera: Change usb vid/pid 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 48cc96168a Merge branch 'kimera' 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu d17103e6c8 staryu: Improve experience of backlight 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 2034ffcbb0 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kairyu/tmk_keyboard_custom 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu f1148804a8 staryu: Improve experience of backlight 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu d0a4996494 staryu: Reduce brightness of RGB LED to half 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 06ccd085ef staryu: Make number of RGB LEDs configurable 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 08d721de8a gh60: Update backlight to match new APIs 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu bb673bba87 ergodone: Expand number of layers to 8 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu c00006b716 cw40: Enable MOUSEKEY by default 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 1388d9a3a9 ergodone: Correct makefile and pid 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 3874477e90 cw40: Initial working version 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 42bf46523a staryu: Update codes to support v1.4 hardware 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu b2163eddcc redscarfII: Update codes to match latest tmk_core 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu d5a709a057 ergodone: Initial working version 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu 70c15dd083 usb_usb: Improve usb_usb converter 5 years ago
  Kai Ryu da21e0c7d8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 5 years ago
  tmk 2983af4f9a Merge pull request #365 from p3lim/patch-1 6 years ago
  Adrian L Lange 38ab23568e README missing link 6 years ago
  tmk e590b64703 Update orphan/README.md 6 years ago
  tmk 649151cbeb Merge branch 'orphans' 6 years ago
  tmk 885e7adb18 Move some projects to 'orphan' directory 6 years ago
  tmk 5c277a6687 Merge branch 'remote_wakeup_32u2_fix' 6 years ago
  tmk a65fa6437c core: Fix USB remote wakeup on ATmega32U2 #361 6 years ago
  tmk 338744ba2f Merge branch 'usb_usb_multiple_keyboard_share' 6 years ago
  tmk 148c6a5175 usb_usb: Add multiple keyboard support 6 years ago
  Kai Ryu 55c3937ca0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 6 years ago
  tmk 60b88f155e hhkb: Fix links in README.md. Close #358 6 years ago
  tmk ccd8e18609 Merge branch 'report_descriptor_fix' 6 years ago
  tmk 7ce326dee5 core: Fix Logical Maximum in report descriptor 6 years ago
  tmk df1e5a5aab Merge branch 'report_descriptor_fix' 6 years ago
  tmk 279876ef5e core: Fix LUFA report descriptor 6 years ago
  tmk f37805e698 Merge pull request #355 from papodaca/XT 6 years ago
  tmk 1bce71fbf7 Merge branch 'adb_mediakey' 6 years ago
  tmk b653b622a6 adb_usb: Add support for Apple Adjustable keybaord media keys 6 years ago
  tmk 230ed4bdef core: change API of adb.c to accept device address 6 years ago
  Ethan Apodaca bafb746485 Update XT converter readme. 6 years ago
  Ethan Apodaca 83331cf6a2 Merge pull request #1 from alh84001/patch-1 6 years ago
  Matija Kovacic 5cbc226add Update config.h 6 years ago
  tmk 4d9e66baec adb_usb: Fix swap ISO codes bug 6 years ago
  tmk 3fe8e1c238 Merge commit '20b787fc1284176834cbe7ca2134e4b36bec5828' 6 years ago
  tmk 20b787fc12 Squashed 'tmk_core/' changes from d5c5ac6..8da1898 6 years ago
  tmk 57f0ab5563 Merge branch 'flabbergast-update' 6 years ago
  flabbergast 82e8e6fbaa Chibios: update examples to current chibios git. 6 years ago