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Alternative Controller for HHKB Pro

I wanted to add some features like vi cursor and mouse keys to my HHKB but its controller is not programmable and firmware source code is not open, of course. This means customizing this keyboard needs to replace original controller with programmable one.

This controller can work with HHKB Professional, Professional 2, JP and Type-S.

See this thread in


  • Bluetooth module RN-42 is supported.(2015/01)
  • V-USB and iWRAP are no longer supported now, but still it’ll works with a little fix. See not_supported directory.(2015/01)


  • Customizable keymap
  • More keymap layers(more Fn keys)
  • Mouse keys
  • Bluetooth(RN-42)

See README of tmk_keyboard for more.


  • No risks: Everything is all reversible
  • No need for PCB trace patching, case cutting or any other destructive mod
  • Can keep original controller intact
  • Can change all HHKB behavior as you like


  • Void your warranty
  • Lose USB hub function of Pro2


I’m not a professional of electronics nor MCU programming. This may damage your HHKB. And my English writing is poor, I’m not sure I can convey my notions accurately.


See doc/HHKB.txt and files under doc/ for internal of HHKB and this controller.

Build Firmware & Program

See this document first.


If your target is HHKB JP you need to set HHKB_JP build option in Makefile or use instead of Makefile.

If you use other than TMK Alt Controller Board set proper MCU, BOOTLOADER_SIZE and other build options in Makefile and config.h. At least PJRC Teensy requires changing BOOTLOADER_SIZE to 512.


Several version of keymap are available in advance but you are recommended to define your favorite layout yourself. Just make with KEYMAP option like:

$ make -f Makefile.<jp|pjrc|rn42> KEYMAP=(hasu|hhkb|spacefn|<name>)

You can omit -f option when you use Makefile. Makefile is used for Pro2 and Pro, fits for JP model and Makefile.rn42 supports Bluetooth module RN-42. Makefile.pjrc uses PJRC as output protocol instead of LUFA.


First, push reset button on board to start bootloader.

This command programs the controller with dfu-programmer if the tool is installed and configured properly.

$ make -f Makefile.<variant> KEYMAP=<name> dfu

Or you can also use FLIP command to program. Also the tool should be installed and configured properly. FLIP GUI application is also available.

$ make -f Makefile.<variant> KEYMAP=<name> flip

Use Teensy Loader if your controller is Teensy/Teensy++.


To define your own keymap create file named keymap_<name>.c and see keymap document and existent keymap files.


You have some options for hardware. Development boards with USB AVR family(ATMega32U4, AT90USB1286) like Teensy will work while MegaAVR with V-USB library is also cheaper option for DIY.

1. TMK Alt Controller Board

Design files are available at Keyboard Controller Board for HHKB(KiCad project) and see Controller Distribution thread if you get an assembled one.

2. PJRC Teensy

See this thread.

3. V-USB version

See V-USB controller for HHKB.