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Kai Ryu 70c15dd083 usb_usb: Improve usb_usb converter 5 years ago
adb_usb adb_usb: Add support for Apple Adjustable keybaord media keys 6 years ago
ibm4704_usb ibm4704_usb: Fix scan code range for Alps 102-key 6 years ago
m0110_usb Fix fn_actions for keymap editor 6 years ago
news_usb news_usb: Add TMK converter support 6 years ago
next_usb next_usb: Stop debug print while no keyboard 6 years ago
pc98_usb Change TMK_DIR setting 7 years ago
ps2_usb ps2_usb: Fix for VUSB configuration 6 years ago
sun_usb Make Bell and Click work on Sun Type 5c. 6 years ago
terminal_usb Add 101-key Model M terminal keyboard 7 years ago
usb_usb usb_usb: Improve usb_usb converter 5 years ago
x68k_usb x68k_usb: Add toggle LED sample 6 years ago
xt_usb Update XT converter readme. 6 years ago